Mini Look Wall Clock

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Nomon's iconic Mini Look clock is a handcrafted wall clock in a creative eye shape.
It is one of our most creative designs so far, since its shape gives a lot to talk about.
This designer clock is an all-seeing eye on the wall, and for many people, this shape has great symbology behind it.
Many use it to protect against bad energy or negative people, others to attract positivity into their lives.
Whether you believe in the symbolism of the eye or not, what is certain is that this watch is a statement of style and elegance on its own.
The designer watch stands out for having a double fiberglass ring, a highly innovative material used in the vast majority of our watches.
The hands are two lines parallel to each other to mark the hours and minutes, which seek to imitate the eyelashes.
These are made of natural walnut wood, an essential material in the construction of our watches.
To frame the hands, they have behind them the golden-coloured polished brass case, where the necessary mechanisms are found to make the Nomon Mini Look clock work perfectly.


  • Case: Polished brass.
  • Hands: Walnut wood.
  • Rim: Black fiberglass.
  • Mechanism: German UTS.

Dimensions: 104x33h cm.

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