Rodón T Wall Clock

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The innovative Rodón 12 T clock by Nomon is a wall clock with a serious and discreet aesthetic, making it an ideal clock for spaces such as offices or business and meeting centers.

This completely original and modern design has been achieved through the ideal combination between graphite steel and lead gray tone, creating a perfect balance between materials and colors.

Without a doubt, something that gives it a very stylized and simple touch, making it the ideal wall clock for work spaces.
Our clocks offer a variety of colors and designs for different spaces and places. They combine a unique versatility.

There are some very colorful, and other models of watches with neutral colors, capable of adapting to any room.

In this case, the theme of the Nomon Rodón 12 T Clock is the simplicity of its design and its colors. By having a single color in all the pieces, a clock with a visual overstimulation is created, capable of being placed on any wall as the final complement.

This wall clock gets its name from having 12 pieces that serve as time signals in a circular shape, leaving numbers or straight lines aside, to give way to an original design that will add a touch of elegance to your wall.
The case, also circular in shape, frames the watch as it is in the same shade of grey. Inside, it has the best technology to guarantee the durability and quality of the movement of the hands.
In turn, the hands of the Nomon Rodón 12 T Clock are fine and thin to continue with the theme of simplicity, with the same lead gray color.


  • Needles: Graphite finished steel.
  • Case and time signals: Graphite-finish brass.
  • Mechanism: German UTS.

Dimensions: Ø70 cm.

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